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#88-Mike Pence Represents Christianity

Why Did Mike Pence, a recognized Christian, betray President Trump? What is the connection between Rev. Sun Myung Moon and President Trump?

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A Message for Unificationists: Do Not Change God’s Word

A Message for Unificationists:
Do Not Change God’s Word
by Richard Urban

Those of you who have read the entire collection of my sermons, raise your hands. You dreadful bunch of people! How did you educate them, national leader? I could not even say the deeper contents in those sermons. I cannot express them now, either. You must know how precious these words are and that the source of life is contained within them. It is not a source of spring water. It is not just any kind of water. And it is not river water. You should know that this source of life is flowing away. It is the Unificationists’ responsibility to find a way to have this eternal water of life by groping for a way to connect the water pipes to this source. But what have you done? Are all of those books something that you can just sell to an antique book shop? (181-268, 1988.10.3) Cheon Seong Gyeong p. 2100

Rev. Moon speaks strongly here on the value of the Completed Testament scriptures that he has revealed. Yet many Unification Church members are OK that Mrs. Moon has adulterated the Holy Scriptures by rewriting and changing them and creating her own new theology. On the other hand, Hyung Jin Moon does not preach on the Holy Scriptures either, and has introduced the concept of the mostly Old Testament based Rod Of Iron Ministry.

Furthermore, Rev. Moon says

Whenever there is a meeting, it is an opportunity for study.  Whenever there is time, day or night, you must study. You  should  continue  to  read  material hundreds  and  thousands  of  times  until it  becomes  yours  and  you  can  embody its substance. Unification Church members will become sick if they are inactive. So as not to become sick, you must read hard, be tested, and put forth effort. (288-41, 1997.10.31) Cheon Seong Gyeong p. 2099

Let’s honor True Father’s by studying the word in hoondokhwae and by not adulterating it in any way.

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#85-Don’t Change What God Has Said

Many Unification Church members have disregarded God’s and Rev. Moon’s direction to not change the textbooks that Rev. Moon designated as Holy Scriptures. The results are devastating.

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